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An analysis on disclosure in the annual reports of Islamic banks in Bahrain 
Year: 2013 
Call No: TH 332.1 ABD 
Anna's child 
Call No: FIC MIL 
An examination of the administrative and social obastacles that entrepreneurs encounter in Bahrain 
Year: 2018 
Call No: PR 658.421 EBR 
A new lease of death 
Call No: FIC REN 
A deadly shade of gold 
Call No: FIC MAC 
Asking for the moon 
Call No: FIC HIL 
Allhallows eve 
Call No: FIC LAY 
A chain of voices 
Call No: FIC BRI 
Amorous leander 
Call No: FIC HUN 
Answer as a mana 
Call No: FIC CAL