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A study of customers' perception of Islamic Banking and conventional banking: evidence from Bahrain 
Year: 2022 
A study on awareness and perception in sport management among Bahraini athletes towards the achievement of Bahrain's sport visiont  
Year: 2023 
Call No: PR 769.069 ALH 
A study on non- performing assets and its impact on bank's profitability: evidence from Islamic and conventional banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain 
Year: 2023 
A study on the role of local content policy in sustaining local manufacturing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during COVID 19 pandemic  
Year: 2023 
Call No: PR 338.4 KHA 
Effect on the job training methods on employee performance of private organizations in Bahrain 
Year: 2023 
Call No: PR 658.31243 ALH 
Factors affecting employee commitment on employee performance: a study of Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Bahrain 
Year: 2023 
Impact of digitalization on the efficiency of logistics industry in Kingdom of Bahrain 
Year: 2023 
Call No: PR 658.7 ISM 
Impact of leadership style on organizational culture and productivity in private companies in Saudi Arabia 
Year: 2023 
Investigating the influence of motivation on employees' performance in the Bahrain oil and gas sector  
Year: 2023 
Call No: PR 658.314 ALK 
Mastering leadership in the digital era: the impact of digital leadership on the organization's performance in the information technology sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain: evidence from the information e-government authority 
Year: 2023 
Call No: TH 658.4092 MOH